India was forward thinking from a really long time, but the way it was interpreted by the world was just wrong and different. I feel even the Indian people did not exactly get this right.

Lets talk about Hindu “GODS”, there are about a million gods or more, now you could say this:

“Those guys are just plain crazy , they are morons who worship everything as god”

Just rewire your thought a little bit, and what if it was this:

“There is nothing called GOD, you create your own god based on your own principles, if some don’t like it then they will create their own GOD”

Do you see some resemblance to the cryptocurrencies which practically came to existence a few years back?

Practically, any new technology/framework/tool we create has a very close relationship with an underlying philosophy. The philosophy could be as simple as: “Mind your own business”, doesn’t object oriented programming reflect that?

Hindu religion is actually a “GODLESS” society because we don’t believe in just one GOD like Jesus or Allah. We create a god based on our convenience. Can you metaphorically relate that to the crypto world? .. can you?

I don’t believe in USD, INR, CAD , EUR, GBP etc, so I will create my own currency. Hence the Bitcoin was born with an underlying concept of “blockchain and decentralization”

Now every single day a new coin is born, and a few people want to subscribe to it and become part of that decentralized community.

Now, let’s compare it with GOD, the god will be important only till you don’t know who controls the entity, if I were to tell you, go to this address and you will find god, then the GOD in your view will become insignificant. It is a collective belief that Krishna, Rama, Jesus or Allah is a God. But you can’t complain if I don’t subscribe to your belief, don’t be sad/angry because I like my god to look like Beyonce or Priyanka chopra or Kim Kardashian or Rock. I will decide how my god will look and what powers the unkown entity will possess , it is my imagination!! period.

If it holds true for the supreme being, then money is so trivial, why can’t people have multiple currencies, it is just bloody “TRUST SYSTEM”.

Hardfork the GOD/CRYPTO to create a new one and add some features to it and call it Jesus2.0/Ethereum. Who cares!!

End of the day, GOD and MONEY both are just a belief system, you can subscribe to the one which works best for you!!

Wasn’t India really forward thinking to do to their own gods which the western world sometimes find it stupid, but happy to embrace it for your money which controls your very being and lifestyle?

I think the bitcoin inventor is an Indian!!..Lol, I will just leave you with that thought.

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