My dear fellow homo sapiens , this blog is just my humble opinion about this journey. I have read several books about human evolution, talked with many to understand their perspective. This blog comes from my years of thinking about human life.

Do you know that we once looked liked this, like any other animal , we hunted for food, gathered it in a stone cave, had no sense of family, there was no monogamous relationships, we were just hunters and gatherers. The strongest survived and the weak perished.

Hunters and Gatherers

Next, came the agriculture revolution, where homo sapiens understood how to cultivate their own crops, but that was the start and we never looked back. When the basic need to fill our bellies was satisfied, we started thinking about the next thing which will excite us. We started making our lives complicated in the name of greater good.

There is one gene which is common to all homo sapiens “THE SELFISH GENE”, we only think about us!. All the animals were created based on the process of natural selection, the homo sapiens were exactly the same. Have you seen two gorillas fighting for a banana?, have you seen two tiger cubs fighting for the piece of meat?. In the modern day, have you seen two companies fighting to prove who is better?, have you seen two humans trying to prove who is more valuable?.

Why there is a dire necessity to prove your worth, because you will get a bigger share of the pie and you will be able to distribute it to your near and dear ones. Does this ring a bell?…Yes sorry we are Animals!

Now that we know we are “Animals” with the qualities we possess, now lets explore how we are trying to play “GOD”.

Based on hindu mythology, God possesses several super human capabilities like:

a) Ability to Fly

b) Carry a mountain in one hand.

c) Multiply into many (Avatars)

d) Staying in one place but knowing what happens elsewhere.

e) Destroying demons.

f) Ability to create new breed of species, like half lion and half man.

There are many many more abilities that the god’s possess. But humans with their scientific breakthrough are able to do most of what the god was able to do. It is just about integrating these external inventions to the human body, and voila you have created a prototype of “GOD”.

Don’t quickly jump into the specifics of your beloved god and ask me can science do this now?, My answer will be “YES” but in a while!

We are the first species ever to defy the natural selection process, we can resurrect neanderthals or dinosaurs or mammoths if we want to. We can modify the DNA of humans to make them super humans. In a few hundred years, we will be living amongst humans who will possess god like abilities. I have no doubt about that.

Humans today are selecting the best to employ in their companies, what if today’s best humans become worst/subpar compared to the future humans or cyborgs?. The sub par humans who does not possess god like abilities will perish eventually!!. It will be hard to digest but the reality that the future generations will embrace.

The artificially intelligent super beings will rule and create multiple copies of them to control the resources. We humans will be like chimpanzees trying to understand wall street or rocket science. Go and talk to today’s underprivileged humans and explain about metaverse or robotics or AI or block chain, he/she may not have a clue about what you are talking!. We don’t care about it because in the name of greater good, we will keep creating complex technologies and make the weaker rely on us even for their everyday life.

If Humans are allowed to defy the process of natural selection, exploit other animals , keep the poorer poor, make the richer rich, why shouldn’t the machines/cyborgs/A-MORTALS do the same to us?

The Technology will raise beyond what you can fathom, it will start controlling every aspect of your life, humans will start using inorganic replacements to get super powers, humans will start implanting chips in their brains to do things as fast as a machine, humans will embrace becoming “CYBORGS”. They will develop powers beyond the capabilities of present human beings, and they (GOD) will need more of their kind and not the inferior homo sapiens.

There will be a day when gods will rule this world, where pure homo sapiens will either need to perish or embrace becoming a GOD themselves.

Lets Embrace it, because change is the only thing which never changes. Thanks for reading the blog, my fellow god’s 🙂

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